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Finding and acquiring new commercial sites at speed with EG Group

Discover how Neil Findlay, Development Director of EG Group, saved hundreds of hours finding and acquiring commercial sites. 

"Fundamentally, time is money and Nimbus saves us plenty of it.”


EG Group is one of the UK’s fastest-growing and most recognisable forecourt operators, with an expanding portfolio of 341 freehold-owned sites throughout mainland UK.

Alongside an innovative approach to roadside retail, EG Group has forged high-profile relationships with globally recognised retail and convenience brands. It is now operating over 157 Starbucks drive-to and drive-thru restaurants, 138 Subway sub-stations, and 200 Greggs bakeries.

EG Group’s vision is to engage and work collaboratively with leading retail brand partners to deliver a world-class fuel, convenience, and food and drink offer that exceeds the expectations of the modern consumer.

The opportunity: faster site-finding

The challenge

EG Group grows through acquisitions and needs to keep buying sites at pace in line with ambitious growth goals. But to do this, they need to eliminate inefficiencies to enable them to target, identify, and complete the purchase of new opportunities at speed.

The challenge is information is disparate and takes a long time to consolidate:

→ Access to the key information to assess commercial sites can take a while to compile, such as plot size, planning history, flood history, traffic flow and local property values.

→ Speaking to agents is time-consuming and not scalable.

→ Data is readily available but with so many sources, reliability and accuracy is not always guaranteed.

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"Nimbus was the perfect tool to bring all the data needed into one place."

The solution

To accelerate their team’s proactive site finding, Euro Garages turned to Nimbus. As soon as they had a trial of Nimbus, they realised it was the perfect tool to bring all the data they needed into one place.

Within just a few months of using Nimbus, the team is saving time, improving efficiency and identifying more opportunities than ever.

In fact, it’s a vital tool in their day-to-day work. It helps them to identify the right sites, make contact with landowners, and ultimately quickly make more accurate and data-driven decisions.

EG Group Headquarters

"Within just a few months of using Nimbus, the team is saving time, improving efficiency and identifying more opportunities than ever."

EG Esso-2

"Within just a few months of using Nimbus, the team is saving time, improving efficiency and identifying more opportunities than ever."


Euro Garages has ambitious growth goals. Nimbus Maps helps them achieve these - helping them to scale operations with accurate data-driven decisions:

  • New deals are exchanged and completed regularly
  • Property investments worth £5 - 10 million
  • Immeasurable time and money savings

Finding the best sites in the right location with the required traffic flows

They have specific criteria which Nimbus can filter - 20,000 traffic movements per evening.  This is essential data for Euro Garages to have before considering a site in order to understand if it’ll receive enough customers to be profitable.

Assessing commercial viability

The brands Euro Garages work with need to be confident that a site will match their audience with enough footfall to make the site profitable. Nimbus’s data around values in an area is useful to gauge demographic profile (and disposable 
income levels) and, therefore, site suitability.

Saving significant time

While Euro Garages could find data on planning history and flood zones manually, by using Nimbus the time savings are huge. All the data is packaged in one easy-to-interpret platform and the cost is the same too. 

Quick board approvals

Nimbus allows Euro Garages to create 
professional and proactive business cases for site acquisition. And the data Nimbus provides helps to mitigate the risk of a poor investment, because all the planning risk and constraint information is provided upfront

Eliminate the guesswork

Be in the right place at the right time to find and act on off-market property opportunities, with the tools and resources to identify and assess your perfect site with ease.

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