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Planning constraints

Nimbus offers a comprehensive range of tools to understand planning policy and environmental, heritage and strategic land constraints, including flood zones, listed buildings, conservation areas – and many more.


How it works

Use our tools to see constraints that might preclude your proposed development from getting consent. 

  • The info panel will alert you to properties that are listed, that flood or are in green belt or areas of natural beauty.

  • Get further detail with our Location Analysis tool to see planning policy, environmental and heritage constraints overlayed on the map.

Planning constraints

Info at a glance

Click on any property and immediately check if the property is listed, if it floods, is in a green belt or in an area of outstanding natural beauty (AONB).

Info panel

Planning policy

Plot planning policy directly on the map around your target site or search with the layers showing, to ensure you have a clear picture of what's possible on the site. Display green belt, settlement boundaries, Article 4 areas, agricultural land grade classification – and much more. 

Nimbus policy constraints on the map

Environmental constraints

Overlay environmental constraints onto your map view, from flood zones to sites of special scientific interest (SSSI) and Special Protection Areas (SPAs).

Nimbus environmental constraints

Heritage contraints

Understand the heritage status of any property to ensure you understand the significance of the asset your are working on. See whether a site is listed, group listed, in a conservation area, a scheduled monument or close to a historic battlefield.

Nimbus heritage constraints

Strategic land

Plot SHLAA sites, brownfield land registers, Housing Delivery Tests information and more on the map to visually identify where the pockets of opportunity sit around a settlement.

Nimbus strategic land

Other game-changing Nimbus features

Nimbus info panel icon

Info panel

See all the information you need on a property in a single click – including ownership, property sizes, uses, values, planning applications, constraints, and more – saving you 80% of the time you would usually spend assessing a site.

Nimbus comparables icon


Our comparables tool for commercial and residential properties gives you existing use and land values, and predicted sales prices. Gain a complete picture of the value proposition to ensure your proposed scheme stacks up.

Nimbus letter-sending icon

DTV Letter Sending

Our direct-to-vendor letter-sending tool is the final piece in the puzzle you need to unlock success buying off-market. Choose our default letter template, customise it to meet your needs, and then send it out at scale, greatly speeding up your search.

Nimbus My Sites icon

My Sites

Efficiently manage your property searches with our inbuilt Kanban-style project board. Use it to track updates and response rates and as the launchpad for direct-to-vendor letter campaigns.


find opportunities

Site finding filters

Match your unique property requirement to opportunities in any location using an array of easy-to-use filters or let us do the work for you with one of our inbuilt pre-defined strategies.


Nimbus alerts icon

Planning search and alerts

Nimbus offers a comprehensive range of tools to find sites with or without planning and the ability to be alerted to any applications of interest in your target areas.


Over 1,000 reliable data sources

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