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Data giveaways

Are you ready to discover the best property opportunities with Nimbus? With the help of our compiled data sets by our fantastic data scientists you'll be finding (and closing) deals in no time.

Nimbus data giveaway | Office comparables

Office comparables - Data set

Access  Office comparables  data for the last few years in the UK.

Nimbus data giveaway | EV Chargepoint operators

EV operators - Data set

Access  Electric Vehicle Chargepoint Operator leaderboards, with details on who is active in the UK market.

Nimbus data giveaway | Land comparables

Residential land comparables - Data set

Access residential land comparable deals across the UK, with analysis, showing average sales prices (per acre and per unit) aggregated by councils in the UK.

Nimbus data giveaway | Drive thrus

Drive thrus - Data set

A dataset containing freehold and leasehold transactions in the Drive thrus sector over the last two years.

Nimbus data giveaway | Supermarkets and convenience stores

Supermarket and convenience store - Data set

A dataset containing freehold and leasehold transactions in the Supermarket and Convenience Store sector over the last two years.

Nimbus data giveaway | Bank closures

Bank closures - Data set

With 200 bank branches set to close this year, we've compiled a dataset of them all so you can find your next opportunity with ease.

Nimbus data giveaway | Industrial and logistics

Industrial and logistics - Data set

A list of all transactions of industrial stock over the last two years, together with details of the most active buyers and sellers.

Nimbus data giveaway | WeWork

WeWork - Data set

WeWork's recent bankruptcy filing has created uncertainty for owners, and a huge property opportunity for the savvy developer or investor.

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