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As a commercial occupier we can help you

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Stonegate Group
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Learn how Nimbus helps its clients achieve their targets

Listen to Adam Sellars from EG Group and Nick Rowland-Hill from Stonegate discuss how Nimbus is crucial to their roles.

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Nimbus’ key features for
commercial occupiers

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Smart site-finding filters

Map your property requirement to all opportunities in any location (including size, use, planning constraints and more) and use our inbuilt project management tool to contact owners, tracking interest and stay organised.

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Traffic volumes and footfall

Instantly understand the busy hotspots with your target town using the innovative traffic volume heatmap and footfall tools so you can ensure you open the right sites in the right locations.

Property information

Property information

See all the information you need on a property in a single click - including ownership, property sizes, uses, values, planning applications, constraints, and more.

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Comps and availability

Get instant access to commercial sales and letting comparables together with on-market property listings for all use classes, in any market, across the whole of the UK.

Track deals

Track your competitions' deals

Plot and export your competitions’ freehold and leasehold acquisitions plus be alerted to any planning applications they submit and access full details of their deals to ensure you remain competitive.

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Stay organised and report internally

Use the in-built project management tool to canvas owners, track interest received, stay organised and report internally on pipeline progression.

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