1,000 websites in 1 saving you time and money

Simplest and most comprehensive way to access property ownership

Compare new opportunities so you can pick the best ones

Instantly see property problems so you can resolve or avoid them

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Nimbus® Maps is FREE to use software created by property professionals for everyone, whether you are a private developer and investor or full-time property professional.

Whatever you do, today you need quality, up to date and trusted information to find the best opportunities and make the best decisions. Nimbus® Maps is the most cost-effective and innovative solution in the market to support you.

Not only do we give you easy access to great insight, our mission is to show you how best to use it, tapping into our founders’ decades of property investment, development and legal experience via our range of interactive free ‘how to videos’ and webinars or our comprehensive training days.

Making investing in and developing property simpler for you

Over 1,000 different data sources can be linked to each property address giving you access to unprecedented quality information, beautifully visualised on Google Maps, Bing Maps and Ordnance Survey Maps, or downloadable in Excel and pdf files.

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Nimbus® Maps key differences

Covers both commercial and residential land and property

Great value, uses technology and automation to drive down costs

No sales team, no commissions. Explore without being pressurised

Training and support built from decades of property experience

“We believe that making property information more widely available to everyone will create greater social and economic benefits, helping build more houses, create new jobs and build better places for our families.”

Simon & Paul Davis

“Data is driving fundamental changes in our daily lives and in the economy. The ability to make easy data-driven decisions is becoming vital to the way that we all live and work. This should be the way that government provides services.”


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