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Convering commercial to residential

Nimbus Maps is the ultimate tool to find the best off-market opportunities, assess them quickly and connect with owners.

Nimbus provides the hard evidence so you can confirm your gut feelings for each and every site you're looking to acquire.

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Nimbus Maps is the ultimate tool to find development opportunities, assess them quickly and then connect with their owners.

Access tools to easily find off-market opportunities or rapidly assess on-market opportunities brought to you by an agent.

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Discover how Nimbus Maps can help you quickly and comprehensively identify all the viable opportunities in a given area, easily appraise the financial viability of sites, then use multiple ways to get in touch with the owners to acquire your site.

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Nimbus Maps is the ultimate tool to find development opportunities, assess them quickly and then to connect with their owners, allowing you to find off-market opportunities for land instructions and ultimately, win more sale instructions.

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Nimbus Maps helps identify opportunities to win new instructions and fees; saving you time by finding information about individual properties, their owners and local markets they sit in.

This is done across all property types, supporting with agency, rent review and valuation work.

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Make better decisions with trusted information from 1000+ data sources.

“The FASTEST way to find & Assess sites for the uk’s top 3 property strategies”

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Nimbus® Maps is ISO 270001 certified - the internationally recognised standard for Information Security Management. This means that we're committed to the same rigorous security standards as Google and Amazon.

Nimbus® Maps is hosted in the cloud, which means our users benfit from continuous security updates keeping your account secure against evolving threats.

Our secure cloud-based ecosystem allows you to log in to your Nimbus® Maps account from anwhere, on any device, safe in the knowledge that your data will be secure!

Simon Davis

Nimbus Maps Co-Founder

Paul Davis

Nimbus Maps Co-Founder


Before founding Nimbus, Simon & Paul Davis gained more than two decades of property experience as successful developers, consultants & investors.

So you can trust that you’ll be getting a product & service that is made by property professionals, for property professionals.

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