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Nimbus® Maps is the most comprehensive, powerful, cloud-based off-market site search and property intelligence platform in the industry.

Fast, Accurate & Unparalleled

Nimbus® Maps saves you time and money by placing all your key property data in one, mobile-friendly platform. In just a few clicks, Nimbus® Maps makes redundant over 50 traditional data sources bringing together OwnershipPlanning, Availability, Due Diligence, Company Structure and Off-market Site Searching for any real estate professional, large or small. The platform uses multiple data sources the whole property industry trusts and relies upon: Ordnance Survey, VOA, Environment Agency, Companies House, DEFRA and Experian are a few examples.

Why Use Nimbus® Maps:

  • All your essential property information in one place
  • Find Owners in seconds – incl. Know Your Customer checks
  • Source off-market sites/land
  • Search Availability
  • Corporate structure ‘dashboard’
  • Save time and money on due diligence
  • Unlock the potential of your real estate portfolio
  • Get access to powerful Bespoke reports
  • Stay ahead of the competition
  • Cloud-based, mobile friendly & field ready

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