What is Nimbus® Maps?

Simply, it’s a website that aggregates and visualises key property information about a specific property, site or parcel of land over the top of Google Maps using nearly 30m (digitised) red Title Boundaries from the Land Registry for freeholds or green pins for Leaseholds. Each search you make displays a 250m radius of Titles and Pins to click on. We cover both commercial and residential property – after all a building is a building! But Nimbus ® Maps is also a training platform and export tool for your searches too.

Where do we get our information from?

Nimbus® Maps partner up with all the key data sources that the whole property industry trusts and relies upon. Examples being: Land Registry, Historic England, Ordnance Survey, VOA, Environment Agency, Companies House, DEFRA and Experian, to name a few – check out the image below…

Why is Nimbus® Maps Free?

Over the last few years, the Government has released huge amounts of information to the industry to support growth, therefore giving you free Land Registry Search options. Here at Nimbus® Maps we’ve taken that free data and created a great new platform. We believe though that if we get it for free then we should give it to you for free too – it’s only fair – hence Nimbus® Maps Essentials is free for life.

So how does Nimbus® Maps work?

You start by Searching for a site or building using one of four methods, the results are displayed over Google Maps. Next, Click on any of the FREE red Land Registry freehold Title Boundaries and/or the green leasehold pins. Finally, you are able to Browse using the Information Panel which opens on the left-hand-side where all aggregated data on that specific site has ALL the 500+ property information sources we have brought together to create the website.

One click for ALL of your property information – and it’s totally FREE!


Nimbus® Maps Essentials’ User Interface: click to enlarge

Nimbus® Maps Elites’ User Interface: click to enlarge