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“From building buildings to building technology…it has been 20 years in the making so that we can now help you make the best property investment and development decisions using the best data and technology in the market.  We’ve been there, done it, built the technology and are now sharing everything we’ve learnt so you can prosper”

Simon & Paul Davis

Use our pre-set filters to quickly filter through sites for comparables or PD rights, alternatively filter by uses or date sold. Ultimately set your own filters for areas, site size, planning, availability, unregistered land, etc.

Unprecedented information from 1000s of data sources available in one place keeping your down time to a minimum and increasing your efficiency.

Data converted to a more user-friendly visual format rather than trawling through multiple websites for each site for flooding, council boundaries, AONB, listed buildings, greenbelt, etc. Turn on multiple data maps to get a holistic view.

Track site progress in platform with ease by creating your own interactive workflow where you can upload and download existing sites to get you up to speed straight away. Also a great way to prepare mail merge by automatically extracting ownership details from previously purchased registers.

Export your searches on sales comparables, company ownership, planning and availability into Excel format for your reports or analysis.

Use our range of in-platform tools to quickly understand potential opportunities without leaving the platform making it easy to find multiple opportunities

Retail’s going online, tax is going digital, property is now all about data – we’ve learnt, we’re sharing, you’ll prosper

Nimbus® was the co-founders’ invention, but now it’s being constantly improved, refined and developed by a dedicated and highly principled team of data scientists, engineers and software developers. We work to better serve our growing user base of property investors, developers and property professionals, using technology and innovation to drive efficiencies to keep costs down, passing on our savings to our customers.

Nimbus Maps key differences

Covers both commercial and residential land and property

Great value, uses technology and automation to drive down costs

Training and support built from decades of property experience

“Data is driving fundamental changes in our daily lives and in the economy. The ability to make easy data-driven decisions is becoming vital to the way that we all live and work. This should be the way that government provides services.”


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Here are some of the reasons we’re getting 4.8 out of 5 stars!

A fantastic team and must-have tool for any property developer, investor or land promoter.

Tom, Purple Box Land &
Commercial Sourcing

Nimbus is fantastic for quickly finding ownership information of commercial property. I also save money by not having to download unnecessary title reg info from Land Registry.

Jessica Rice
Real Estate Agency

A fantastic team and must-have tool for any property developer, investor or land promoter. Your mind will be blown using this! If you are in the property sector do not operate without this it will save you hours and hours massively intuitive and ran with a great professional team behind it.

Property Developer

A property investor’s best friend. Don’t spend hours researching in multiple places when you can save time at this one-stop shop.

Private Investor and Developer

Working with Nimbus we put £15m of care home opportunities (across 4 sites) into legals within 3 month.

Cheylesmore Estates


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