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Nimbus’ key features for
Deal Sourcers and Packagers

Group 14225

Site finding tools

Find opportunities that match your clients' land and property requirements using our in-built filters to search by size, use, site density, planning constraints and more. Or use the OS Mastermap search tool to target underdeveloped sites.

Planning Search-2

Permitted Development (PD) rights searches

Use the Elite Plus strategy overlays to instantly plot opportunities where PD Rights, such as Class MA, ZA, G, A, AA  apply - having first checked for planning and financial viability, so you can target sites where obtaining planning will be quicker and easier for your clients, and get your fees sooner.

Group 14236

My Sites

Nimbus' inbuilt project management tool, My Sites, allows you to contact owners at scale and focus on working only with those that are open to sensible terms and realistic prices.  Use the planning export to see which Developers are buying sites in your patch so you can focus on building relationships with them.

Group 14665

Property information

See all the information you need on a site in a single click, including ownership, property sizes, uses, values, planning applications, constraints, and more, saving you 80% of the time you would usually spend on assessing a site.

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Comprehensive comparables and quoting prices

Our comprehensive residential and land comparables tools together with our Commercial comparables and listings tools give you a complete picture of not only a site's predicted sales price but also the existing use and land values, so you can be sure it truly stacks up, regardless of the type of scheme you're introducing.

Planning Constraints

Planning histories, alerts and constraints

Use our real-time planning information to find everything that could impact the viability of any proposed development. See planning histories on or around a target site, be alerted to new applications that are submitted and view potential planning constraints such as flood zones, listed buildings, greenbelt, AONB and more, that could impact the viability of any proposed development.

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