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Planning applications

Nimbus offers a comprehensive range of tools to understand the planning activity on and around your target site and what the local trends and opportunities are in an area.


How it works

With data updated daily, our tools enables you to effortlessly see planning histories on and around a property.

  • A single click opens the info panel showing you all applications submitted on a title. 
  • Layer applications on the map around your target site to see other applications progressing in the area.
  • Use the planning search tools to see what others are doing to similar sites, who they are working with and what they are paying.
Planning search-2-1

Info panel

Clicking on any property from the map view opens the info panel, displaying the planning history on the title with all applications linked directly back  to the relevant page on the council's planning portal.

Nimbus info panel

Planning layer

Overlay planning applications on the map to visualise other residential, commercial or mixed use planning activity around your site, quickly alerting you to other relevant or competing schemes.

Planning layer

Planning search

Search for approved, refused or pending applications across any local authority. Refine your search with the unit number filter and include or exclude keywords so you only see the applications you are interested in or to see where others are finding success in your area.

Planning search-2

Planning alerts

Set up alerts for your searches and be notified as soon as a new application is submitted or updated. With planning data updated daily, these alerts means you’ll never miss out on the very latest information.


Detailed reporting

Want to see see who is working with who, what they are paying and which consultants are getting results? All planning searches can be easily exported into a CSV file, with live links to each property, listing ownership, details of the applicant and the agent.

Excel planning

Other game-changing Nimbus features

Nimbus My Sites icon

My Sites

Efficiently manage your property searches with our inbuilt Kanban-style project board. Use it to track updates and response rates and as the launchpad for direct-to-vendor letter campaigns.


Nimbus planning constraints icon

Planning constraints

Use our real-time planning information to see planning histories on or around a target site so you can see at a glance any planning constraints that could impact your proposed development.


Nimbus planning search alerts icon

Planning search and alerts

Nimbus offers a comprehensive range of tools to find sites with or without planning and the ability to be alerted to any applications of interest in your target areas.



Nimbus comparables icon


Our comparables tool for commercial and residential properties gives you existing use and land values, and predicted sales prices. Gain a complete picture of the value proposition to ensure your proposed scheme stacks up.

Nimbus letter-sending icon

DTV Letter Sending

Our direct-to-vendor letter-sending feature is the tool you need to ensure success buying off-market. Customise our default letter template to meet your needs and then send it out at scale, greatly speeding up your search.

Nimbus traffic volumes and footfall icon

Traffic volumes and footfall

Use our heatmap overlays to instantly understand both traffic behaviour and pedestrian movements, so you only buy the rights sites in the best locations to
meet your exact requirement.


Over 1,000 reliable data sources

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