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Stonegate maximises property insight with Nimbus

Discover how Nick Rowland-Hill, Estate Development Manager at Stonegate, saved hundreds of hours finding and acquiring commercial sites. 

In the realm of property management, having quick and comprehensive property insights is essential. For Stonegate, the UK's largest pub company with an extensive portfolio of 4,500 sites, including well-known chains like Slug and Lettuce, Be at One, and Popworld, managing their vast property estate efficiently is a top priority. Here’s how Stonegate has harnessed Nimbus to enhance property insight and response times, ensuring they stay ahead in a competitive market.

The challenge: Understanding a vast property estate

Stonegate needed technology that could provide rapid, precise information and enable them to respond swiftly to the ever-evolving property market.

How did Nimbus help?

1. Comprehensive property insight

Nimbus serves as a one-stop resource, allowing Stonegate to access all property-related information on the go. This functionality is invaluable for a company managing a diverse range of properties. Whether it's a freehold, managed site, or a leased property, Nimbus has the data they need.

2. Efficient site viability analysis

Nimbus enables Stonegate to overlay land registry titles onto Google satellite imagery. In addition, the platform facilitates the integration of vital data, including planning permissions, green belt overlays, and flood zone information. This streamlines the process of analysing site viability, eliminating the need for time-consuming manual data collation. Site analysis becomes a breeze. 

3. Streamlined planning history access

Nimbus seamlessly links the planning history of an estate to planning authority portals, providing a comprehensive view of property development and permitting processes. This feature ensures that Stonegate is always up-to-date with any changes or developments, and enabvles their client’s to stay ahead of the game on seizing lucrative opportunities. 

4. Invaluable time savings

Nimbus significantly reduces the time required for property research and analysis. Stonegate's ability to react quickly to various situations is greatly enhanced. In a fast-paced market, time is of the essence.  

5. Enhanced credibility

Providing clients with real-time, comprehensive property information positions Stonegate as a credible and reliable partner, fostering trust and facilitating smoother transactions. Credibility is key in building lasting relationships. 

In a competitive landscape where timeliness and precision are paramount, Nimbus empowers Stonegate to make informed decisions rapidly, ensuring they remain agile and responsive. For businesses seeking a solution to efficiently manage vast property portfolios and provide clients with unparalleled property insights, Nimbus emerges as an indispensable platform.

If you're in the business of property management, it's time to consider Nimbus. Try Nimbus for free today and experience the benefits of streamlined property insight and efficient response times. Nimbus is your trusted partner in property management success!


"The time Nimbus saves us is invaluable as it allows us to react quickly to any situation."

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