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Anytime Fitness boosts efficiency and informs strategic decisions with Nimbus

Discover how Kieran Smith, Senior Relationships and Openings Manager at Anytime Fitness, saved hundreds of hours finding and acquiring commercial sites. 

In the world of fitness, speed, efficiency, and informed decisions are key to success. Anytime Fitness, a UK-based entity and part of a global fitness franchise, recognised this and sought a solution to streamline their property acquisition process. Read on to discover how Nimbus became their trusted partner in making well-informed strategic decisions by optimising their property search efficiency.

The Challenge: Efficient property acquisition

Kieran Smith, Senior Relationships and Openings Manager at Anytime Fitness, faced the challenge of identifying and securing suitable properties for their franchisees efficiently. This wasn't just about finding any location; it was about finding the right locations promptly. The need for speed and comprehensive data led them on a quest to discover a solution that could revolutionise their property search.

How did Nimbus help?

1. Efficient property search

Anytime Fitness harnessed Nimbus's search filters to discover new properties for their franchisees. The platform's superior technology plays a pivotal role in conducting due diligence on these sites, ensuring they meet the required standards. With Nimbus, they don't just find properties; they find the best properties.

2. Speedy execution

Nimbus' agility in executing property searches appealed to Anytime Fitness. It allows them to swiftly identify viable opportunities and present them to franchisees, reducing response times. 

3. Live opportunity updates

Nimbus's feature of continuously updating live opportunities keeps franchisees informed and empowered. This real-time data adds substantial value to the services offered by Anytime Fitness. It ensures that franchisees are always in the know about the latest opportunities.

4. Centralised data

Prior to adopting Nimbus, property research involved juggling multiple resources. Nimbus simplifies this by consolidating all essential data into one accessible platform, accelerating the search process.  

5. Comprehensive property insights

Understanding both the property and its surrounding location is crucial for franchisees. Nimbus provides valuable insights in this regard, ensuring robust and informed decision-making. Anytime Fitness can confidently present properties, knowing they have all the information needed for franchisees to make the right choices.

Kieran Smith, Senior Relationships and Openings Manager at Anytime Fitness, advocates for Nimbus as an indispensable tool for businesses seeking growth and efficiency, emphasising its role in “streamlining operations and bolstering their competitive edge.” For businesses aiming to optimise their property acquisition processes and make well-informed decisions, Nimbus stands as a valuable ally.

Are you ready to streamline your property acquisition process, inform strategic decisions, and enhance efficiency like Anytime Fitness? 

Try Nimbus for free today and empower your property search. Our team of experts is here to assist you every step of the way. Don't wait – seize your property opportunities with Nimbus!


"Streamlining operations and bolstering their competitive edge."

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