Nimbus® Maps Site Finding Service


Are you looking for new sites?

Are you looking for new sites at scale? Are you looking for residential or commercial? On-market or off-market? Property or land? Whatever your requirements, willing sellers will start contacting you. Here’s how it works…


You choose a time to suit you for a free telephone consultation, typically 30 minutes. A property expert will explore your specific site requirements, time scale, budget and anything else. From solar panels to care homes to electric car charging points, we’ll talk about your specific requirements.




Our property expert will research from 30 million land and property records from over 1,000 data sources to identify the number of sites available to you. We’ll create a proposal in line with your bespoke needs.




You may have tried the filter section on the Nimbus® Maps Elite platform, it’s really that, but on a much bigger scale. We provide you with a list of all sites that match your requirements. You choose your preferred output, excel, PDF etc. Typically the output shows you: title, title number, a link to Nimbus® Maps Elite, ownership details, any of the constraints we’ve filtered against so you can really understand what has come out of your search.

We find that the old “snail mail” is still the best way to connect with a particular owner and there are various neat tricks around how you get the best results. If you don’t have the resources required to send out a large number of letters don’t worry, we’ll send letters to owners of the sites on your behalf and you’ll save money! The typical cost to send a letter with Royal Mail including postage, print, paper, envelope and admin is £1.44*. We can prepare, print and post letters on your behalf with UK Mail for just 50p per letter. *prices as per UK Mail. Some people prefer to contact potential sellers themselves and that’s entirely up to you.
Willing sellers will start to contact you directly and you’ll enjoy having fruitful conversations about new sites that will work for you. You’ll be ahead of the competition having conversations with sellers first are willing to sell sites that match your needs exactly. If you prefer we offer a screening service whereby the sellers contact us, we will ask some questions on your behalf and send you the lead, so your acquisitions team can understand more about the site(s) before speaking to the owner.




This is a bespoke service and we’ve outlined a typical process but we have the expertise and data to support you with any challenge. As part of the initial telephone call we’ll scope out the project, give you an idea of what it might cost – some queries are easier than others so we can understand which bits of that are challenging, where the costs sit and where we can make some savings. As part of that conversation, we will work out exactly what you want and how best to get you that for the price you want to pay for it. From there, you just say “Yes!” and off we go!


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