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We have found that the most common search criteria property professionals UK-wide need is that of Ownership. Yes, you can get it from the Land Registry (we do!) but the interface is far from inspirational and rather long winded. Nimbus® Maps Essentials not only gives you Ownership details, but a whole host of additional added value to help pre-qualify and research a site or sites. Additional information includes Availability, Title Number and Rating Value (VOA data), to name a few. You get the same Google Maps based, intelligent search functionality and clickable Land Registry Title polygons, but the platform is set-up for you to gauge a rapid snapshot and not deep dive into the multiple layers of detail the paid for Nimbus® Maps Elite package provides.

You can save Favourite polygons and Locations, add Title and Registration Documents into your Basket rather than buying them individually, plus Essentials also has automatically calculated the Site Area. You also have the choice to split the main screen into map view and Google Street View for a ‘virtual’ survey of the Title using different maps options with Google Street View; all your data in the left-hand panel.

The Essentials package, which is FREE to access, has all of the key layers of data anyone who has an infrequent need for property/site intelligence needs. The core being Ownership, but you can also view other key information. Data sets include:

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  • Ownership (Companies House)
  • Availability
  • Title Number
  • Site Area
  • Rating (VOA)
  • Listed Building Indicator
  • Flooding Indicator
  • Land Registry Purchases

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