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What is Nimbus® Maps Essentials?

We take carefully sourced technical property information and visualise it over Google Maps using red overlays of the latest digitised Land Registry Freehold Title outlines as clickable links bringing together over 25 core GOV.UK/industry information sources surrounding a chosen site.

Our website gives you an unparalleled visual/data appraisal of an individual site, property or parcel of land (commercial or residential) – including the UK’s only database of 900,000 unregistered properties/sites. It’s also free to access and use for life.

You Search, Click and then Browse sites by location, postcode or via geolocation using Google Maps; no limits of any kind. In a few clicks you can see whether the site you are searching has listed status, and then click Historic England links to drill down and find Listed Building details. As the latest digitised Land Registry Title plans are displayed on the map free, you can click around nearby sites and check their status in moments. We also have multiple ways in-platform to train you on how to use Nimbus®, from Live Chat to 2-minute Tip YouTube videos.  All this in one place!


Why is Nimbus® Maps Essentials free?

Over the last few years, the Government has released huge amounts of information (Land Registry, Historic England, VOA Office information etc) to the industry to support growth. Here at Nimbus® Maps we’ve taken that free data – added tonnes more using machine learning and data science – and created a great new free platform. We believe though that if we get it for free then we should give it to you for free too – it’s only fair – hence Nimbus® Maps Essentials is free to access and use for life.

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  Buy Title plans and Registers £3/ea.

  Free corporate ownership

  Free Title plans plotted on Google Maps

  Unregistered Land Visualised

  Google Maps style search

  Pre-measured Site Sizes

  Rates Assessments

  Flooding/Surface Water Information

  Green Belt

  Listed buildings

  Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty

  Commercial Property Availability

  Direct links to Companies House

  EPC Performance & links to EPC GOV.UK

  Site measuring tool

  Choice of views inc Google Street View

  Save and store Documents & Favourites

  Share Titles with colleagues

  Planning indicator

  In-platform training


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