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    - commercial, residential & land
  • Pick the right design team
  • Raise private finance

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how nimbus® maps elite helps


Nimbus Maps helps you quickly and comprehensively identify all the viable opportunities that sit within a target location.

We are consistently developing new tools in line with changing legislation (think recent use class order and permitted development changes), providing you with strategies to help tailor, and make your site finding more efficient.


Nimbus Maps provides you with the tools you need to quickly appraise the financial viability of sites and help you manage owners’ aspirations by providing instant access to comparables and quoting prices for commercial property transactions, residential and land.

Nimbus Maps also allows you to appraise sites from a planning policy and constraints point of view, speeding up the appraisal.


Nimbus Maps provides all the support you need to effortlessly build your appraisals with all the comparables you will need.

We show residential, commercial and land comps, together, with similar schemes so you can check what schemes local developers are doing and identify whether there is a local or emerging market, providing a low-risk way to make the same money from your site.


We know that the architect or planner we'd use for a strategic land scheme would be very different from the ones we'd use to convert a small commercial building into flats.

That's why we have developed multiple ways to ensure you can find the right person to support all of your ventures.


With Nimbus Maps providing easy access to viable deals, the main issue moves from finding deals to financing all the deals that you unearth.

Identify investors who understand the types of schemes you are progressing and their track record of investing.

Connect with people who may want to invest in your project with you, or who you may be able to flip to for a fee or profit share.


Equa Academy
the hmo platform
Taylor Capital


Commercial & Residential

Detailed information on commercial and residential property.

On & Off-Market Sites

Source off-market sites and view properties currently on the market.

Unlimited OS MasterMap™

OS MasterMap™ is the most detailed & accurate view of the UK landscape.

Full UK Planning Histories

Search, filter & export UK planning applications and their outcomes.

Sold Price Comparables

Accurate comparables of commercial, residential and land values.

Filters & Overlays

Find sites for any requirement and appraise sites in minutes.

want instant site-finding?

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Package 1
Commercial Conversions

Ideal for developers and investors looking to find and assess commercial buildings for change-of-use to residential with a suitable profit.

Package 2
Residential Land & Airspace

Ideal for developers, builders or land and new homes agents looking to find and assess new sites to build 1-50 new houses or flats.

Package 3
Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMOs)

Ideal for investors & developers looking to benefit from the attractive yields that Houses of Multiple Occupation (HMOs) offer.



Our comprehensive platform for developers, investors and property professionals.

Elite gives you unlimited access to:

  • Full UK Planning Histories
  • Map Overlays & Filters
  • Sales Comparables
  • On-Market Availability
  • OS MasterMap
  • Data Exports
  • Workflow Management
  • Training & Support
  • Expert webinars
  • And much more!


+VAT – Paid annually

or £135/mo +VAT - when paid monthly
(12 months min. term)


Elite, plus select a package of premium overlays to find & assess profitable opportunities instantly.


+VAT – Paid annually

or £235/mo +VAT - when paid monthly
(12 months min. term)


Elite, plus all of our premium overlays to find & assess profitable opportunities instantly.


+VAT – Paid annually

or £335/mo +VAT - when paid monthly
(12 months min. term)


Our experts will guide you through the Nimbus® Maps and show you how it can help accelerate your property site sourcing and assessment.