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What's new with Nimbus - July 2024


It’s safe to say we’ve been busy of late. As a result, we’ve got a bumper-pack edition of new product releases, updates and changes designed to empower property professionals to continue to unlock the best opportunities.

These new updates to the Nimbus platform are designed to streamline your workflow, improve data accessibility, and enhance your overall experience – ensuring you have everything you need to find viable, lucrative opportunities, faster.

What's new in the platform

My Sites is our inbuilt project management tool that makes managing your property searches simple. In our latest update, we’ve introduced a streamlined dropdown menu, accessible from each stage header that makes it simpler to create PDF reports (Enterprise tier only), export data directly to Excel (replacing the previous download icon), purchase title registers, move sites to other stages, edit stage details, or even delete entire stages.



My Sites: stage report summaries

We know our clients need a concise and presentable way to share site information with stakeholders outside of the Nimbus platform, ensuring they can prepare for on-site visits efficiently. The solution? Available exclusively to Enterprise Tier users, the new My Sites stage report provides a one-page summary for each site within a selected stage. This report includes an overhead site image, ownership details, planning constraints, saved notes from the My Sites card, and space for handwritten notes. It simplifies site assessments and enhances collaboration by offering a clear snapshot of crucial site details, ideal for sharing and offline reference.

MySites Stage Report


My Sites: customisable data export

We’d heard that existing data export options lacked flexibility for tailored use cases such as CRM integration and targeted letter campaigns. So we listened. The result is that Enterprise tier users can now customise their data exports directly from the My Sites stage menu. A new export customisation window offers specific fields for export. These can be reordered as needed, and additional information, (e.g., constraints) included. As a result, exported data now aligns precisely with your specific business needs, enhancing usability and boosting the platform’s integration capabilities.

My Sites Site

My Sites: smarter purchase registers

We've made the process of purchasing title registers for sites, now integrated into the new My Sites stage menu, the 'Purchase registers' feature intelligently excludes registers for corporate-owned titles and those already purchased within the same company account by default. Optional checkboxes allow clients to include these titles if needed, simplifying the purchasing process and ensuring more accurate data acquisition.

My Sites: move to another stage

Moving sites between stages sometimes left redundant, empty stages, that users had to manually delete.

The updated feature now includes an option to delete the current stage after moving sites streamlining stage management, and making things tidier.

My Sites: display private owner details

Similar to recent info panel improvements, Nimbus now displays owner details directly within the My Sites card upon purchasing the title register, avoiding the need to export data to find this. This includes the owner’s name, registered address and ownership start date, and you can download a PDF copy of the register too. It all helps to facilitate quicker decision-making and improves user efficiency.

My Sites: Planning alerts fix

We've also squashed an annoying bug with planning alerts, which can now be managed even after deleting all sites within a stage. Notifications associated with the alert are correctly displayed and users can easily scroll through notifications and manage alert settings as needed. 

Improved average daily footfall data

To make it easier to compare locations based on footfall criteria we’ve enhanced the detail of the data. We've enhanced the granularity at higher bands, expanding the highest footfall band from 1500+ to 3500+, and increased the number of bands from five to nine. The result? Clearer decision-making for commercial occupiers and investors.

Footfall update

Updated traffic map

The previous traffic map required a higher definition of data to avoid manual recognition, particularly in high-traffic count bands.

To resolve this problem we’ve enhanced the traffic map with an increased highest band from 20,000+ to 35,000+ and expanded to 8 bands. This improvement simplifies the identification of suitable locations for drive-thru and other high-traffic-dependent businesses, streamlining site selection processes.

Traffic map update


Updated housing delivery test data

The Housing Delivery Test layer now includes data from 2018 to 2022, ensuring users have access to the latest information for accurate planning and development assessments.

Housing delivery test

Property type filter: reinstating filter by land option

We have reintroduced the 'Land' filter button above Use Class and VOA Category options, restoring the ability to filter specifically for land property types and improving property search precision.

Update: commercial to residential development (Class ZA) strategy

We understood that clients desired clearer profit calculation breakdowns and a broader application of the Class ZA strategy. Enhanced with detailed appraisal breakdowns and updated to reflect Class G rights under Planning Use Class E, this strategy now provides transparent profit calculations and broader development strategy applicability.

PD Class ZA strategy layer and popup


Update: Class E with Uppers (Class G) strategy

We received numerous requests for clarification on profit calculations and expanded property applicability under Class G. The result? We’ve renamed this feature to reflect Class E with Uppers (Under Class G). This strategy now includes detailed profit breakdowns and broader property applicability, ensuring alignment with user expectations and planning guidelines.

PD Class G strategy layer and popup


Residential availability: performance improvement

We're always looking to enhance the platform's performance. By optimising data retrieval processes the residential availability layer now offers significantly improved performance, providing faster loading times and smoother navigation across high-density data areas.

Associated documents: basket view fix

We've also tweaked the basket view, and now, when you add associated documents to your basket, it will correctly display the added documents along with ‘Clear’ and ‘Checkout’ buttons. This enhancement streamlines the document purchasing process ensuring a smoother workflow.

Associated Document in basket


What’s next with Nimbus?

Nimbus remains committed to refining and expanding our platform to exceed the evolving needs of property professionals. These updates signify our dedication to providing you with the most comprehensive and user-friendly tools for success in the property market.

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Connect with our support team

If you’d like to know more about how Nimbus and our latest updates can boost your business, contact our dedicated support team at 01926 355 424. Start your journey with Nimbus today by signing up for a free demo to experience these new features first-hand.

Thank you for choosing Nimbus as your partner in property success. We are excited to continue empowering you with innovative solutions and look forward to what’s ahead.

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