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Introducing DTV Letter Sending: our game-changing tool to revolutionise your off-market property strategy


We’ve long sung the praises of buying off-market to secure properties for investment or development. As we discuss in our handy downloadable guide to scaling your property residential business, buying off-market brings with it a host of benefits.

You can purchase a property without having to deal with open competition, you cut out the costs of having to give a fee to a middle person, and rather than a simple upfront transaction you can have a conversation with the owner of a deal structure that works best for you both. It makes sense.

Nimbus is an amazing tool for finding off-market properties and once you’ve got the process down you can keep using it to keep your property pipeline flowing.

It’s not just about finding sites though – a crucial piece of the puzzle is the conversation with the owner – and to do that for multiple properties you’ll need a targeted letter-writing campaign – check out our webinar on the topic. Once again, our downloadable guide can give you more information on why this is so important to the process.

The good news is that our brand-new DTV Letter Sending tool feature is now here - and it’s going to make scaling your property portfolio easier than ever! Once you connect, you can open discussions and start to negotiate favourable terms that tie in with your investment goals.

Start with My Sites

It all works hand in hand with the My Sites feature on the Nimbus platform. This is a project management tool with a Kanban-style dashboard that is simple to keep your property search organised and efficient.

DTV Letter Sending button on My Sites in Nimbus

The new DTV Letter Sending button is accessed from My Sites in Nimbus

For example, whether it's by location, development type, or client name, you can save properties, or tag them, so you can keep track of specific site criteria with precision. For example, say you are focusing on HMOs. Simply organise all of the sites you think will work for you into a stage. At this point, My Sites becomes the launch pad for your letter-sending campaigns – enter centre stage our new direct-to-vendor letter-sending feature.

Introducing DTV Letter Sending

We think our new direct-to-vendor letter-sending tool is a game-changer for property acquisition. Using this you can now create multiple letter campaigns effortlessly using our ready-made template, or you can just use it as a starting point and customise it to create your own, complete with your company branding for that completely professional approach.

Once you have set up your target list in My Sites, and if you have purchased the Land Registry titles, all the owner contact details will be automatically merged into your template. Your letters will be all ready to go so you just have to print them out and send them off.

DTV Letter Engine banner

One more thing….

Now we know that the last past is also a lot of work – so don’t worry, we have you covered there too. We’ll very soon be integrating the letter generation tool with Stannp, the leading direct mail platform, so you’ll be able to send out hundreds of letters, without having to lick a single stamp.

It means you’ll be able to complete the letter creation and sending process faster than ever before and so you’ll get to see your Nimbus searching efforts bear fruit more quickly than ever before.

We do hope, you never underestimate the power of a well-targeted direct mail campaign using personalised letters and we can’t wait to hear about your success acquiring off-market using our new feature.

If you want to know more about this feature or any other aspect of Nimbus don’t be shy – get in touch with us now - we’d love to talk to you and our clients will get a simple guide to the process. We also have an upcoming webinar where we’ll be talking about the new DTV Letter Sending tool and other new features too - click the link to sign up now.

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