Is there a perfect date to sell your house? Apparently so!

Selling your house can be a long process that can drag on, but listing on a particular day will increase your chances considerably and speed up selling your home.

Experts believe there is an optimum date to list your house to complete selling faster. While the date varies depending on where you live in the country, it tends to be just before the summer. This is because summer is the busiest time for the property market, as it is when the most transactions occur.

According to research from Emmov the best day to sell your home is on March 17 2018. This is based on the UK average time to sell of 96 days – meaning if you list on that date you’ll hit the summer transaction peak.

It can take longer to complete in different areas of the country, for instance in London it takes 111 days on average. Therefore, listing in the capital on a slightly earlier date, 24 February 2018 – where sales peak in June.

In Nottingham it takes on average 74 days to sell so 2 April 1018 is the best time.

However in Bristol, the average time to sell is just 61 days, so buyers are better placed to list ion 15th June to hit the later August peak.

The property selling process has been considerably streamlined thanks to the digital disruption of the traditional industry and although June may seem a long way away yet, those looking to hit the market peak should already be thinking about listing their home over the coming weeks.

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