Nimbus™ Maps is a revolutionary smart property information platform which has been created by property professionals for property professionals. It was conceived by the team at Assured Property Group to address the many frustrations with the acquisitions process and the vast amounts of time wasted on abortive projects. They thought the product was so useful and powerful that it couldn’t be kept in-house and needed to be shared with the whole industry.

Using Google Maps, Nimbus Maps will instantly show you all the boundary lines direct from the Ordnance Survey and Land Registry so you can quickly and efficiently find the site you are interested in. By simply clicking on one of the red ‘polygons’ information will instantly display showing all the relevant information available.

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Instant Access To

  • Document Downloads
  • Title numbers
  • Site areas
  • Building footprints
  • Listed building information
  • Local authority links
  • Ownership information
  • Flooding
  • Demographics
  • Estimated Values

Filter your Searches by

  • Range of search
  • Property Size
  • Building footprints
  • Sold Price
  • Estimated Value
  • Sale date
  • Property Type

Company Search

You can now search for all the properties a company owns by searching their "Companies House Number". This will return a search with all locations plotted on the map. You can click on any one of these to gain all of the information we offer.

Export your search to a Microsoft Excel CSV free of charge


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Draw & Multiple Selection Tool

You can also draw your own sections within titles and have them measured in acres and hectares for you instantly. Our draw tool is easy to use, simply click around your desired area and click back on your starting point.

Hold 'ctrl' and select multiple sites at once to find the area of the combined areas.


Data Suppliers

Land RegistryOrdinance Survey Licensed Mapping


Ordinance Survey Licensed Mapping