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Session one: Unlocking the secrets of Nimbus

This training session will focus on unlocking the secrets of Nimbus, including learning the platform's most powerful and exclusive functions, discovering the best off- and on-market property opportunities, and uncovering hidden gems in the property market.

Session two: Find and scale opportunities

Part two of this in-depth training session aims to teach you the best practices for utilising planning data to maximise your property investments. We'll explore identifying suitable sites, tracking local developers, scaling site acquisitions, accessing comps for valuations of residential, commercial and land properties, and using data to optimise development plans.

Session three: Overcome obstacles and reach your property goals

Join Andrew Green as we run through the challenges set and answer any issues our customers might have had throughout the series. 

During this on-demand training session, you'll learn how to overcome common challenges and obstacles using Nimbus and get expert advice and strategies for success in your role.