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Top strategies for developing safely in today's property marketplace

Presented by:

Paul Davis


Nimbus Maps

Immanuel Ezekiel


Broadwing Homes

Richard Peutherer


Inspired Equity

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Find it, Fund it, Deliver it, Flog it. As every property developer knows, the industry presents unique challenges that require efficient navigation for success, regardless of market conditions.

Residential Property

11/06/2024 | 12:00 60 minutes

About the Webinar

We'll take a deep-dive into the importance of establishing a scalable pipeline of suitable off-market opportunities, uncovering valuable techniques to identify and target opportunities with latent value in them that are not widely available on the market.

In this engaging webinar, we'll explore:

  • Valuable insights into the hurdles faced in today's property market, including planning uncertainty, timing of planning consents, costs, higher interest rates, inflationary pressures on build costs, and effective methods for resolving planning uncertainty.

  • Practical strategies and solutions to overcome the obstacles mentioned earlier, discovering effective ways to navigate the complexities of the property market and enhance your chances of success.

  • How TrustedLand can facilitate your journey towards a fairer deal and how their extensive network of property professionals can connect you with the right experts to enhance your development projects.

  • A deeper insight into how Nimbus supports developers in finding viable off-market opportunities effortlessly. Learn how our platform streamlines the process of discovering, evaluating, and assessing potential opportunities, providing you with ease and efficiency.