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These Product Specific Terms are the additional terms and conditions which apply to our 

subscription-based Services. The Product Specific Terms for each of our products form part of the Client Terms and are hereby incorporated therein. Any terms defined in bold in the General Terms will have the same corresponding meaning every time they are used in these Product Specific Terms. 


If you are using any of our subscription-based Services as set out in your Order (Subscription), these Product Specific Terms apply to your use. We may update or change these Product Specific Terms and will notify you of any such changes by posting a revised copy here. 




1.    Subscription Fees
1.1    The Fees for your Subscription will remain fixed during the Initial Term or any Renewal Period (as defined below) you are in unless:
(i)    you upgrade your subscription package or tier
(ii)   you subscribe to additional features or Services; or
(iii)  otherwise agreed to in the Order Form.


1.2    You will be charged fees associated with all Authorised Users.


1.3   Fee Adjustments: for details on renewal pricing, please see section 6 Fees and Payment of the General Terms.


1.4    InvoicingYou will receive your invoice for subscription Fees at the start of your monthly or annual billing period (or as otherwise set out in your Order Form). Payment will be taken on the date shown on your invoice using the payment details entered when you purchased your Subscription.


2.     Limits

2.1     We may change the limits that apply to your Subscription at any time in our sole discretion. Please refer to your Order Form for any details of any additional limits that apply to your Subscription.


3. Downgrades and Upgrades


3.1    You may downgrade or upgrade your Subscription at any time if you complete a new Order Form. Any changes to your Fees for your Subscription shall be applied on a pro-rata basis for the remaining term of your Subscription. Please email us at success@numbusproperty.co.uk to request a change.  


4.    Renewals


4.1    Subscriptions shall be automatically renewed after the Initial Term for the same time period for successive renewal periods (each a Renewal Period) unless your Contract has been terminated by you or us in accordance with the General Terms. You will be automatically charged the then current Fees for the Subscription on a recurring basis until you cancel your Subscription.

4.2    Unless otherwise specified in your Order Form, to prevent renewal of your Subscription, you or we must give written notice of non-renewal, which must be received before the next Renewal Period begins in accordance with the General Terms – please see section 2 Term and Termination of the General Terms.


5.    Authorised Users


5.1    When you create a Subscription to use our Services and accept our Client Terms, you become a subscriber (Subscriber). If you are the Subscriber, you are the person responsible for paying for the Subscription yourself and any Authorised Users. 

[any other Product Specific Terms]


Last modified: 26 June 2023

Version: V001

You can find previous versions of our Client Terms here.