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Planning gain: Top five tips to get planning on infill developments in 2024

Presented by:

Adam Dainow



Paul Davis


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Paul Davis is joined by one of London's most exciting young property developers and Director of Caswell&Dainow, Adam Dainow. They'll run through the key design principles to get planning accepted on infill developments in 2024 - unlocking opportunities where others are likely to be refused.

Residential Property

09/01/2024 | 12:00 60 minutes

About the webinar

With many areas of the country struggling to meet their housing delivery targets, infill developments can be an easy route to significant planning gain on sites and many of the larger developers simply ignore these opportunities.

Join Adam Dainow (Caswell&Dainow) and Paul Davis (Nimbus) as they run through the key design principles to get planning on small sites to unlock planning gain where others are likely to be refused.

Why explore infill developments?

Broadly speaking, infill refers to the development of vacant or underutilised sites within existing communities to increase density and place new developments near existing resources and infrastructure. Whilst some might argue the increasing number of infill developments is reducing the already sparse areas of open space left within our housing estates, there is no question that infill development is a fundamental part of the solution to the UK’s housing crisis. 

As a developer, you stand to see a return on your investment by repurposing an existing development, as well as creating more environmentally and socially sustainable areas - playing an important role in the future supply of residential housing.

Guest speaker Adam Dainow specialises in buying land and then adding value through gaining planning permission, where others may fail. With business partner Charlie Caswell, their creative approach enables them to unlock the hidden potential of buildings, gardens and in-between spaces. Caswell&Dainow is now seen as one of London’s most exciting young property developers.

The webinar will be exploring:

  1. The top five design tips for any infill opportunity.
  2. Which planning constraints can be overcome and which can not.
  3. How to identify a good site from a bad one.
  4. How property developers have scaled their site finding.
  5. The top five red flags that kill any infill development site.

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