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Creative ways to buy properties and sites with less of your own money

Presented by:

Paul Davis



Simon Zutshi


Property Investors Network

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No matter how much money a property developer or investor has, at some point they will run out of money, limiting the volume or size of deals they can do. Using creative ways to buy and finance potential schemes enables developers and investors to overcome these limitations.

Residential Property

09/11/2023 | 14:00 90 minutes
Join Paul Davis from Nimbus and professional property investor, Simon Zutshi, as they explore the key ways to creatively acquire and finance deals so that you can limit the amount of personal capital invested in each of your potential sites.

About the Webinar

This unmissable webinar will focus on how property developers and investors can use creative strategies to acquire and finance new real estate deals, enabling them to overcome the limitations of their available capital. Paul and Simon discuss the various pros and cons of each way of buying and financing, helping attendees to make informed decisions when acquiring and financing deals.

What they'll cover:

  • The benefits of buying sites creatively
  • How to find owners that will sell in that way
  • Pros and cons of each way of buying & financing
  • How Nimbus helps developers and investors to find and assess viable sites
  • Provide valuable insights for developers and investors looking to expand their real estate portfolios by using creative financing strategies.