New Feature - Radon Map

New Feature: Radon Map Overlay

Whether you are a developer or investor, being aware of potential hidden costs can be the difference between making a profit or a loss on a project.

At Nimbus Maps, we are continually adding new features and datasets to the platform, giving you the comprehensive property information you need to identify potential risks quickly, increasing your chances of being successful. 


Introducing the new Radon Map overlay


Radon Map Nimbus Maps


When you breathe in radon, it enters the lining of your lungs and gives off radiation. Over a prolonged period of exposure, it can damage the cells there and lead to lung cancer. In fact, radon is the second biggest cause of lung cancer after cigarette smoking. 

Due to the risks of radon exposure, there can be additional requirements (and costs) when buying or selling a property in an area with high radon levels.

That's why at Nimbus, we've created a radon map overlay that displays the Radon levels across the UK at the click of a button.


How the Radon Map will help you

When buying a property in an area affected by Radon you will need a copy of a '3-month radon test'. If that test shows unacceptable levels of Radon, the building will need remedial works that can cost several thousand pounds.

This will have a negative impact on your potential profit, cause delays in the sales process and potentially mean a site is no longer viable for development or investment.

Knowing if a property you are buying or selling is in a radon area is therefore very useful information to have from the very beginning of the process.

Note - Did you know you can now also request a full Local Search through our Client Solutions service, which covers radon risk together with a number of other hazards such as contaminated land, ground stability, air quality, etc? Find out more.​​

How to use it

Simply select the Location Analysis tool in the top right of the Nimbus Maps app, then select the Radon Map overlay from the Technical dropdown menu.

The darker the colour the greater the chance of a higher level of Radon. 



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