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How property professionals are harnessing the power of Nimbus


In the fast-paced world of real estate, time is money – and having the right tools can make all the difference.   

No one knows this better than those working at the forefront of the industry. For Siddall Jones, Avison Young, and FHP, Nimbus has helped supercharge operations, enabling teams to win more business and close deals faster. By leveraging the power of industry-leading property intelligence, these industry heavy-weights have first-hand experience of the benefits Nimbus brings to an organisation.  


Streamlining operations within commercial property 

As the managing director of Siddall Jones (based in Birmingham) Edward Siddall-Jones knows the value efficiency can bring when it comes to property success. Established for over 20 years, Siddall Jones specialises in commercial property consultancy, catering to a diverse range of clients from individual companies to privately listed corporations. Since adopting Nimbus in 2017, Edward has witnessed a significant shift in how his team operates – and the amount of business they’re able to win.


"Nimbus is a fantastic product," says Edward. "It provides comprehensive property data in one concise package, saving us time and streamlining our operations." Before Nimbus, gathering property information was a time-consuming process for the company, often requiring multiple software packages and laborious on-site visits.  

Now, the team at Siddall Jones can access detailed property insights at the click of a button. “When we’re assessing a property for a client it’s easy for us to gather information on the things that we need to look at, very quickly. This enables us to a) identify the property and b) give it a value. It enables us to get in front of clients and win more business.”  

Offices 1


Meeting client demands with valuable data sets

Avison Young is a global commercial real-estate advisory, and director Richard Jones is especially passionate about retail data sets. For an organisation that provides real-estate services ranging from acquisitions to strategic advice, meeting the data demands of their clients is critical.  

 “Nimbus is an invaluable tool for us,” he says “Our clients demand data, and the beautiful thing about Nimbus is that it provides data sets that are important. For us, it’s a bit of kit that we really can’t live without.”    

Nimbus provides all the data Avison Young needs to secure an acquisition, including site finding, planning data and land registry information. For example, if a client wants to locate a viable EV site, the team can access road traffic information without even having to change browsers.  

Before this, the company had to rely on traditional methods to gather property information, causing delays and inefficiencies. Now, armed with the right tools, they can quickly identify sites and approach owners, saving them and their clients time and money.  

If Richard could give one piece of advice to other businesses, what would it be? “Get on with it, get in there and get a Nimbus subscription. You’re missing out on a plethora of data that’s key to being able to do your job properly. Our clients expect us to have the best information and Nimbus provides that key data we can’t live without.” 



Proptech lets you analyse a site from afar, so you can make data-based decisions from the comfort of your desk.

Driving agency growth with data-driven insights

The highly experienced team at FHP take a no-nonsense and forward-thinking approach to delivering personalised advice to their commercial clients. That’s why they believe it’s essential they have the tools they need to stay ahead in a competitive market. With a focus on property valuations and management, FHP serves a wide range of clients, from individual investors to major brands. For director Doug Tweedie, Nimbus has become an indispensable tool in driving growth and securing new instructions. 

"Nimbus enables the team to secure essential information quickly, explains Doug. “Keeping the deals flowing is critical. That drives the need for a lot of market intel, on many locations for multiple clients. Traditionally, this would take a lot of time to gather, but Nimbus helps me acquire that information quickly. The pace at which we can get the information is vital if we are to engineer an opportunity for one of our clients.” 

Doug explains that having information at their fingertips can make all the difference for a surveyor – especially if they don’t have the benefit of local knowledge. “If you know the owner of a block or building then you're almost 50% there, but from a standing start if you haven't already got a contact, then being able to get that information is so useful. If you're going in cold and don't have any intel, then Nimbus is a very quick way of being able to gather that info.” 

To find out more about how Nimbus helps Doug and the rest of FHP read the full case study



Game-changing training and support 

It’s not just powerful property intelligence that Nimbus offers businesses either.  Training and support is always on offer to ensure property professionals can maximise the platform’s full potential. 

According to Doug, Nimbus goes above and beyond to ensure that FHP’s users are equipped with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed. "Another factor that not everyone knows about is the training that Nimbus offers to make the most of the platform," he says. "I know that Nimbus offers excellent training videos, and I don’t use them as much as I should. I like to think I know how to use the tool, but I do know it’s there – which is halfway there!” 

Nimbus's commitment to ongoing training doesn't stop at instructional videos though. Users can also access weekly webinars covering a range of topics, from market insights to platform features. There are weekly webinars on the Nimbus website on subjects such as the state of the market, the best strategies to use, and the features in the platform you need to use to execute them." 

Richard Jones emphasises the importance of Nimbus's training in maximising the platform's potential. "The training with Nimbus is really good," says Richard. "They talk you through how to use it and how to get the most out of it." 

By investing in ongoing training and support, Nimbus ensures that users are empowered to make the most of the platform, driving efficiency, productivity, and success in a competitive market. 



Discover how Nimbus can help your business  

These stories are just a small example of the transformative impact Nimbus can have. Whether you're a seasoned industry veteran or a newcomer, Nimbus offers the tools you need to unlock your full potential in the competitive world of real estate. 

Ready to take your property business to new heights? Join the ranks of industry leaders such as Siddall Jones, Avison Young, and FHP by harnessing the power of Nimbus today. 

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