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We're Attending Completely Retail Marketplace


Nimbus is proud to announce that we will be attending and sponsoring Completely Retail Marketplace, this April. If you're in search of the perfect commercial land or property, then this is an opportunity you won't want to miss.  

Planning on attending? Book a meeting with us at Completely Retail Marketplace. 

Get an exclusive look at new features 🚀

In addition to attending and sponsoring the Completely Retail Marketplace event, Nimbus will also be showcasing some of our newest features within the platform. These features are designed to support commercial property and land developers, investors, occupiers, and surveyors in their search for the perfect opportunities off-market.

One of these new features is Planning Alerts, which will keep you up to date on any planning applications or approvals in the areas that you are interested in. Our new Traffic Volume Heatmap will also be revealed, allowing you to quickly and easily visualise traffic patterns around your potential sites. Lastly, our Advanced Filters will enable you to further refine your search to ensure that you are only seeing properties that meet your specific criteria.

Book a meeting with us at Completely Retail Marketplace to talk to one of our experts or request a demonstration today to see how Nimbus can help you find the best sites and close successful deals. Remember, information is power, and at Nimbus, we're dedicated to setting you up for success.

Nimbus at Completely Retail Marketplace (CRMP)

Completely Retail Marketplace provides a unique platform for retail and leisure brands to connect with property agents, landlords, shopping centre owners, franchise operators and organisations to discuss the commercial market and new opportunities for space. The format of the event is designed to be simple yet effective, with all exhibition stands being the same size to create a level playing field.  

At Nimbus, we understand the importance of having the right information and data to make informed decisions. That's why we aggregate the most comprehensive data from over 1000 trusted sources and turn it into intelligent insights to give you an edge over the competition. Our commercial property team consists of industry experts with years of experience who know exactly how to help you find what you're looking for.  

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