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Beyond the branch: Unlocking the opportunities created by bank closures

Presented by:

Paul Davis



Simon Morris

Managing partner


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As the banking industry shifts to more online banking, many banking halls are closing down, creating new opportunities for savvy investors and property developers.

Commercial property

06/02/2024 | 12:00 60 minutes

About the Webinar

As the banking industry rapidly shifts towards online banking, traditional brick-and-mortar banks are closing down their physical locations, creating a new opportunity for investors and property developers. With the right strategies, these vacant banking halls can be transformed into profitable retail or commercial spaces, offering a unique opportunity to capitalise on this evolving industry.

In this unmissable webinar, we'll offer you an insider's perspective on the opportunities, challenges, and strategies involved in converting banking halls. Through real-life case studies and a deep dive into the latest trends in the banking and property industries, you'll gain valuable insights and practical tips for maximising returns and minimising risks in this niche but lucrative sector.

During the webinar, you'll learn about:

  • The current state of the banking market and the opportunities it creates
  • Real-life case studies of successful banking hall conversions
  • Typical opportunities for banking halls, such as Class E and Class G uppers conversions
  • Typical issues to be aware of when converting banking halls
  • How Nimbus can help you with HSBC closures, planning history, company search for leasehold or freehold, adjacent ownership, transaction history, comps, and availability
  • Elite plus conversion strategies to maximise your returns

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