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As major banks continue to depart the high street, 2024 is set to see nearly 200 branches close their doors for good.

Institutions such as Barclays, Halifax and Lloyds are shutting down a combined 141 locations – creating great opportunity for investors, developers, occupiers and agents.

With this in mind, Nimbus has created a dataset containing all the scheduled bank closures, and better yet, we're giving it away for FREE, plus access to the Nimbus platform for 
five days.

Thanks to our leading property intelligence platform, we have compiled data such as: title number, property address, tenure, listed status what’s more, you’ll also get complete access to the Nimbus platform to obtain valuable insights.


Details of all scheduled UK bank closures

Gain access to every property scheduled to close, including a link to their title lookup within the Nimbus platform, all via a downloadable dataset.

Free access to Nimbus for five days

Access the property industry's leading web-based platform to quickly assess viability of the properties, accessing over 1000 data sources, from the places you would usually go.

Register for your free bank closure data and Nimbus trial

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→ Reletting

Our helpful team will also show you how to easily access valuable insights, such as: owner's details, title boundaries, building sizes, values, planning histories and constraints, commercial and residential comparables, commercial availability, footfall analysis and more.

These insights will help you identify potential opportunities, understand market trends, and make data-driven decisions that give you a competitive edge in the property market.

Don't miss out on this chance to access valuable data on these properties and gain free access to Nimbus for
five days.

Join us in our mission to put this data to good use.

Who this data is relevant for:


Save time and generate more fees

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Residential developers

Obtain all property and land information in an instant

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Deal sourcers

Source deals based on client requirements

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Commercial occupiers

Open the best locations in town

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Commercial developers

Acquire opportunities off-market

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