Nimbus® Referral Programme

Whether a colleague in the office, a friend in the industry or even a client whom you may feel would benefit from the power, depth and breadth of Nimbus Maps, if they become a paying subscriber we will ensure you or your business benefit from the referral.

The benefits of referral

Referrals are very important tool for all businesses, and we’d like to encourage you to refer Nimbus Maps to friends and colleagues who you think would seriously benefit from knowing what you know – being able to do more deals in less time and with less risk. For doing so, we’d like to say a little ‘Thank you’ in the form of an Amazon voucher (or similar).

How to refer a friend

Simply complete the form on the right and fill in the person’s details you’d like to refer, first having checked it’s okay to pass these on. We will then give them a call and run them through the platform in detail. Should they become a paying subscriber, we will contact you and organise that a £50 Amazon (or similar) voucher is sent to you by email or post. There is no limit to how many people you can refer.
Nimbus Maps Referral

Nimbus® Maps Referral Form

Please fill in the details of the person or company you would like to refer to us.

By using this form you agree you have permission to forward this person's/company's contact details on to Nimbus®. We will only contact them about this referral.