How to search, filter and export planning applications in Nimbus® Maps Elite

• Browse planning histories on target properties

• Find relevant planning applications in seconds

• Find off-market sites with and without planning

• Check if your site will get planning by looking at similar applications and precedents set elsewhere


Watch this video to find how to:

• Finding planning histories

• Displaying recent planning applications on the map

• Run council-wide searches for relevant planning applications using the exports

Step by Step guide - Displaying planning on the map...

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Elite Square search


Search using the Location Search and Building Search from the Information Panel, or Search Here option from the Map Screen.

Filters - planning on red 600px

Select Planning in Filters

Click on the Filters option on the far left of the main map screen, tick the Display Planning box. To only see recent applications then simply a date in the Date From box.

Planning - IP info border

Click on the results

All properties with an application submitted within the timescale set will be shown on the map in yellow and the full planning history for the site will be shown in the Information Panel behind the green plus button.

Step by step guide - Council-wide searches...

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Export in Map

Export Tab

On the far right centre of the map screen, click on Exports.

Refused planning screen shot

Example Export

This is what the export looks like in Excel when filtered for Refused applications.

Planning Button

Export Button

Then click the green Planning button.

Planning keyword authority search300px

Authority & Keyword

In the pop-up box, select up to three councils to search. Then enter key words in the lower box that you would like to search for. There are some helpful presets buttons to assist with this. An export of the last 250 applications with any of those words will be exported to excel.

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