Constraint overlays in Nimbus® Maps Elite

• Constraints overlaid on the map view

• Visualise site or area specific constraints

• One-click operation pre or post search

• 8 overlays to choose from:

Listed Buildings

Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB)

Green Belt

Woodland Pastures

Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSIs)

National Parks


Built Up Areas

Using constraint overlays... find out more

Follow our step-by-step guide (click on an image to enlarge):

Overlay 1a


In the far right of the map screen, click on the Overlay icon.

Overlays 2


This will open the Overlays panel with the selection of 8 possible Overlays to choose from. Click on one to show the visual representation on the map. Your chosen Overlay will outline in green.

Overlays 3


You can now perform your Google-style search in the Location/Building/Title fields and the Overlay will stay present on the map screen. Alternatively, you can perform your search first then repeat steps 1-3 to add the Overlay afterwards.

Overlays 4


With your Overlay in place, click on the title/pin you are interested in to open the Information Panel on the left. Scrolling down will show you the confirmation of what environmental constraints are on the site. You can then change the Overlay to help understand the site in more detail.

Overlays in Nimbus® Maps Elite

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Overlays AONB

Listed Buildings

Overlays listed buildings

Built Up Areas

Overlays Built Up Areas

National Parks

Overlays National Parks


Overlays Councils


Overlays SSSI

Green Belt

Overlays Green Belt

Woodland Pastures

Overlays Woodland Pastures

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