Land & new home agents are diversifying their income – and you could too…

UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, is encouraging the building of new homes on brownfield sites as one solution to the housing shortage. This presents a great opportunity for land & new home agents! Read more to learn how land and new home teams are enjoying earning fees at three different stages…


Developers are excited by the recent government announcement of a stamp duty holiday until 31st March 2021 and want to take advantage while they can. Land and New Homes agents are seizing this opportunity, they are not wasting any time and they’re finding the right properties for developers, at the right price, very quickly! This is the first opportunity to create an income.



Once the developer has built the site, the land and new home teams now have their second opportunity to create an income by selling these new properties.



In 2019, 54% of all Commercial Real Estate lending in the UK was completed by non-high street banks (CASS Business School).

Land and new home agents are now diversifying by earning a fee when they introduce developers to alternative finance companies who are willing to help secure their funding.

39% of sites stall – or fall through – due to not being able to secure funds, making it paramount to get finance from lenders that support a development. Using tools like Brickflow who are the UK’s first search engine for development finance, helps secure suitable funding by searching the lending market in real-time, 24/7, providing multiple quotes in seconds.




Using Nimbus Maps, land and new homes teams find land opportunities for new homes simply and quickly. They search through comprehensive property information for suitable pieces of land, that match the developers’ specific requirements.

Data on land ownership, local planning policy, full planning application history and sales comparables, help to determine these sites. They export the planning data to cherry-pick the most suitable sites, contact the owners, and turn them into listings. This simple process takes minutes and creates a pre-qualified opportunity, meeting the developers requirements perfectly!


Having access to the correct tools, allows agents to be better connected with corporate clients as well as local developers, ultimately leading to more opportunities to sell.


Want to know more about how Nimbus Maps will help you increase your income?


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