Here's how to find under-developed land visually using Nimbus Maps Elite

• Find land and under-developed properties effortlessly 

• The less cluttered view makes small buildings on big plots obvious to see

• Unlimited use of Mastermap/Promap maps included within Nimbus Maps Elite

• Originally designed for residential development but works perfectly for commercial too

• Needs to be seen to be believed!

• Watch this video to see how

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Finding residental land


Search for a specific address or visually scroll across the map using “search here”.

Finding residental land 2


Once the location is set toggle across from the standard Google satellite view to OS Mastermap to reveal a simpler view of the area ready to zoom in.

Finding residental land 3


Zooming in switches to the OS Mastermap view, where small buildings on large plots become very easy to spot allowing you to rapidly find under-developed sites and opportunities.

Finding residental land 4


To explore those underdeveloped sites simply click the title to reveal the Information Panel which includes ownership information, Land Registry downloads, sites sizes, constraints and much more.

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