Find land and sites by size in Nimbus® Maps Elite?

• Filter for unique property sizes by acreage

• Sites visualised over the map(s)

• Switchable OS Mastermap included

• See constraints associated with each site

• Use Google Streetview to explore the site

• Download Land Registry docs for £3

• Commercial Ownership included, with links to Co. House

Finding land and Sites by size... find out more

Follow our step-by-step guide (click on an image to enlarge):

Find land by size 1


You have the option to search first and then apply a Filter or you can create the Filter first and then search, up to you. In our example we have created the Filter first.

Find land by size 2


There is a slider bar called Property Size. This has two ends, a minimum and maximum, that can be moved independently enabling highly targeted searches. Click Update when you have made your selection.

Find land by size 3


You can then perform a search in the normal way, visually on the map and then Search Here or using the Location Search option. This is what the results will look like having filtered for certain sizes.

Find land by size 4


You can then scroll around the map looking for suitable sites clicking on Search Here (top, centre screen) to refresh the filtered search. Once you have found a site, clicking on it will open the side panel with ownership, constraints, planning etc., all the data we have on that site.

Find land by size 5


Using OS Mastermap is a great way to see an uncluttered view of the site. The button for this is found behind the Information Panel in the bottom-left corner.

Frequently viewed videos: