Find sites with PD rights to convert in Nimbus® Maps Elite?

• Data from VOA Business Rates

• Pre-set Filters for Office and Industrial PD Rights

• Sites plotted over the map as red Title boundaries and pins

• Fine-tune your search results for precision targeting

• Additional at-a-glance data on each site 

Finding Land/Sites with PD Rights... find out more

Follow our step-by-step guide (click on an image to enlarge):

Find Land PD rights 1


Start by making a search either with the Google-style intelligent Location Search or visually on the map using the Search Here button.



Once Nimbus has returned results from your search on the map, now go to the Filters icon on the far left of the screen…



…this will bring up the Filters panel with the pre-set options for Industrial PD Rights and Office PD Rights. Once you have clicked on your preference, hit the Update button at the bottom of the panel.



Once Update has been clicked, the results will ‘thin out’ and leave just the sites that are suitable with the PD Rights to convert. You can then click on each site and explore the detail, ownership etc.

Frequently viewed videos: