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Q: If I need help with the platform/website live, what can I do?

A: We now have ‘Live Chat’ in the Nimbus® Maps, represented as a maroon circle in the bottom right-hand corner of the map screen. Clicking on this between 9am to 5.30pm gets you instant access to the customer success and technical experts who will deal with your query as soon as they can. On average, this is about 5 minutes.

Q: How do I reset my password?

A: Go to, under the text fields, to the right, you will see the  ‘Forgotten Your Password’ link which goes to: Simply type in the email address you use to access your Nimbus® Maps account, hit ‘Reset’ and we will email you a link to reset your password.

Q: When I close Nimbus® Maps in my browser and then try and log back in, it says someone else is logged in to my account – why?

A: Yes, if you do not actually log out there is a 15-minute delay before you can log back into Nimbus® Maps. Please wait for 15 minutes and you will be able to log back in again. This is a security measure to prevent dual access to your account.

Q: How do I search in Nimbus® Maps?

A: There are two ways in which you can search. The first is a Google-style intelligent search in the Location button in the top-left corner. Also, within that button is a Building Search option, which is best used with just the house number and the post code.

Q: Why is it sometimes that the polygon for a site is not on the map?

A: We have nearly 30 million Title polygons within Nimbus®, but sometimes land is unregistered so there is no polygon to show. We have now added on over 900,000 Unregistered land pins into Nimbus® (the orange pins) of which around 74,000 have Planning applications directly linked (the yellow pins). The is a UK first – to be able to find owners of unregistered land – not even our friends at HMLR has this!

Q: Can I buy Titles and Registers through you – and do I have to buy them one at a time?

A: Yes… when you have clicked on the site you are searching, in the Information Panel scroll to the bottom and you will see a button for Titles and one for Registers & Leases. A single click sends the documents to your Basket, viewed in the top right corner. You can add multiple Titles/Registers etc. to your basket before purchasing via the Checkout.

Q: Sitting at my desk on my laptop is all well and good but having all this data on my iPhone in the field would be great!

A: The vast majority of functionality is available on your smartphone, as long as you have a data connection (4G or Wi-Fi). Log in as normal then Search, Click and Browse!

Q: If I do a Title search, a single polygon appears on the map. How can I find additional polygons surrounding this site?

A: At the top of the screen in the centre, there is a button with ‘Search Here’ on. Click this and you will get all of the available polygons and Lease pins surrounding your site.

Q: Where do you get all your data – can I trust it?

A: We use over 500 sources of data to create the immense ‘data lake’ that Nimbus® Maps accesses. The vast majority of these are from the tried and trusted property data providers you will be familiar with such as: HMLR, Experian, Ordnance Survey, Airbus, The Environment Agency, VOA, Royal Mail, DEFRA and Companies House, to name a few. But we also skilled data scientist and computer programmers and have, in conjunction with the likes of Warwick University, developed highly sophisticated machine learning techniques to build/unlock completely new data sets – this is why we are the UK’s most powerful, comprehensive and fastest growing PropTech company.

Q: How often is your data refreshed?

A: Availability is refreshed every night ready for the morning. The rest of our data is updated on a 2-week cycle.

Q: You say you have about 80% of Planning in Nimbus®, but I can’t always see it in a polygon?

A: We always do our best to match data to a polygon, but it is not always possible. Instead, we have created Planning ‘dots’ – accessed via the Filters Menu where you can toggle Planning on or off. When on, coloured circles appear on your screen that represent postcode areas. Clicking on these postcode ‘dots’ will take you to all of the Planning we have matched to that local postcode, with external links to the detailed applications and historical information.

Q: If I have a bug on the platform, what can I do?

A: With hundreds of billions of lines of code, it is virtually inevitable that bugs will sometimes appear. You have three options if this occurs. One, use the new Live Chat link in the bottom right of the screen and tell person the issue. Two, email: – this goes directly to the technical team responsible for maintaining the site. Or three, call 0330 088 3513 and ask to speak with one of the Customer Success Team.

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