Exporting the underlying data in Nimbus® Maps Elite?

• Export 5 different data sets to Excel

• Exports based on searches

• Exports based on councils & keywords

• Exports are:

Sales Comparables

Company Ownership

Freehold to Leasehold



Export Nimbus' underlying data... find out more

Follow our step-by-step guide (click on an image to enlarge):

Exports 1


The first three Exports – Sales Comparisons, Company Ownership and Freehold to Leasehold – need a search to made first before any data can be exported. Search using the Location or Search Here options.

Exports 2


After the search has returned Title outlines and pins etc., click on the Exports icon on the right and then select either the Sales Comparables or Freehold to Leasehold green button. Your download will start automatically. Company Ownership exports require a Company Search first…

Exports 3a


…far left of screen, click on the Company Search icon and enter the name of the company into the white box. Select the company you are looking for from the pop-up, and then Search in the second pop-up (Companies & Subsidiaries). Then click on Exports on the far right to open the panel, then the green Company Ownership button for your Export to automatically start.

Exports 6


Planning and Availability Exports do not need a Search to work as they are based on LPA/keywords and postcodes respectively.

Exports 5a


When the side panel is open, click on the relevant green button. For each, a new pop-up will appear requesting planning authority (you can use up to 3) and then the application keywords you think most suitable – we have provided a pre-set list you can use as well. For Availability, simply use the postcode for the area you are interested in. After Export is pressed on either, the Excel download will start automatically.

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