Nimbus® Maps Elite

Full access & Search functionality

As the title suggests, we have added not just more data into Nimbus® Maps Elite but allowed greater depth and breadth of search and intelligence gathering for the property professional, company, developer, researcher or investor. The data sets in Nimbus® Maps Essentials, our ‘lite’ model, are opened up and have a raft of information behind them.

New Data

Experian Corporate Structure is in platform, alongside a full history of Planning (back to 1972) with clickable links back to the relevant Planning portal across the whole of England & Wales. In the Filter option, you can  search an area’s Availability, which is displayed as interactive dots that take you directly to the information. You can also analyse Corporate Structure within platform, allowing you a comprehensive breakdown of a company’s holdings for a highly targeted report or sales approach.

Interactive Maps

The power of Nimbus® Maps Elite works in exactly the same way as Nimbus® Maps Essentials, overlaying an interactive Land Registry Title ‘polygon’ over a choice of map views, including Google Maps or OS Mastermap – you have the option of a split-screen, Google Street View mode to allow a virtual ‘survey’ of a site/street. By clicking on the Title ‘polygon’ you open up a unique and unparalleled collection of data layers, analytics and information, all of which are linked to a site’s Unique Property Reference Number (UPRN).

Due Diligence

Your options for filtering your searches has grown, plus you get a full suite of environmental metrics, from AONB to Greenbelt. You can order a comprehensive Topographical Site Survey through our Data Science team – these reports have market-leading turnaround times of up to 72-hours.


One very powerful feature of Nimbus® Maps is our automatically generated Report. In this report, which you simply click to download, we have brought together a host of key information surrounding your chosen site including: Owners and purchasers, the local market sales analysis, a list of properties of a similar size and value. This free to download report opens up a host of opportunities for both on- and off-market sales and marketing opportunities.

All In One Place

In short, Nimbus® Maps Elite brings together the most comprehensive property information portal in the UK today. It’s mobile friendly so has full functionality in the field and can be used on your smartphone, tablet or laptop (using the data connection).

Nimbus® Maps Elite opens up and drills down into the most powerful, comprehensive property intelligence portal in the industry. Now you can do more deals, in less time and with less risk. Data sets include:

Standard Features

  • Ownership (Companies House)
  • Availability
  • Title Number
  • Site Area
  • Rating (VOA)
  • Building Footprint
  • Listed Building
  • Flooding
  • Land Registry Purchases

Elite Features

  • Experian Corporate Structure
  • Planning
  • OS MasterMap TM
  • Enhanced Filter Searching
  • Availability Search
  • Nimbus Reports
  • Environmental:
  • – AONB
  • – Greenbelt
  • Building Heights
  • Sold Prices

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