Understand a company's complete property portfolio in Nimbus® Maps Elite?

• Intelligent company name search

• Visualise holdings on the map

• Complete company and Subsidiary listings

• Click, view and browse portfolios

• Export Company- & Subsidiary-level to Excel

• Direct links to Companies House

Searching & Exporting Company Holdings... find out more

Follow our step-by-step guide (click on an image to enlarge):

Company Ownership 1


In the far left of the screen, click on the Company icon and then in the search field type in the company of interest and hit Search.

Company Ownership 2


This will return every company with this name in Nimbus. Scroll through the list to find the company of interest and click on it.

Company Ownership 3


The complete list of Company and linked Subsidiaries will then be displayed in the pop-up box. You can add or remove those you want to include using the ticks, export parts of or the whole of the business with the Export buttons, or visualise everything on the map pressing Search…

Company Ownership 4


…Nimbus will now plot the company holdings on the map as (clickable) red freehold title outlines or green leasehold pins that you can scroll around and explore…

Company Ownership 5


…alternatively you can click on the Export then Company ownership buttons to have the complete holdings automatically downloaded as an Excel file.

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