The most powerful service to target the best on- and off-market, land and property.

How many opportunities do you want?

Why use Nimbus® Site Finding?

Targeted property acquisition for business.

Nimbus - Done for you service

Done for you service.

Nimbus - Highly Targeted

Highly targeted.

On- & off-market sites.

On- & off-market sites.

Choose your output.

Choose your output.

How does Site Finding work?

How does Nimbus Site Finding work?
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In its basic form, if you imagine Nimbus® Maps as a number of spreadsheets that you can sort and filter to pinpoint exactly what you want anywhere in the UK – this is really where it starts. Then you can add new sheets to filter against, gathered from where you’re currently getting it (whether that’s on the internet or in a spreadsheet you already have or anywhere else) and then have it analysed, in the way you want, and displayed, in the way you find most helpful.

How does Nimbus Site Finding work?

Finding properties and sites – “Done for you”

  • Find properties that you’re always in the market for
  • Search your target area for anything within the left-hand side panel and beyond
  • The Nimbus® Maps Elite filters section but on steroids
  • Find the willing sellers within the list of target properties

Scale – local, county, national

Scope of service:

  • Leads
  • Leads plus letters
  • Leads plus letters and inbound enquiry screening
  • Map overlays and visualisations

“I now know that I can turn to Nimbus®, buy some data and my team’s phones light up with inbound leads. My choice is now how much work we want rather than how we can find it. The process is just so easy and it just works!”

Nick Kalms, Hyjan

Automating the site identification process has allowed us to spend less time manually looking for potential sites, freeing up time to spend maximising land offers and moving sites into contract more quickly.”

Andy Rhoades, Bromford