Find & Export Commercial Availability in Nimbus® Maps Elite?

• c50,000 live sites in Elite

• Browse sites visualised in Title outlines or postcode markers

• Availability created from the top UK surveyors’ sites

• Direct links back to site schedules and surveyor’s contact details

• Extensive site data for added confidence

• Export Availability by postcode

Commercial Availability in Elite... find out more

Follow our step-by-step guide (click on an image to enlarge):

Availability 1


You have the option to search first and then apply a Filter or you can create the Filter first and then search, up to you. In our example we have run the search first.

Availability 2


Next, click on Filters and adjust the date range your are searching for using the Availability slider if you need to. Then click Update when ready.

Availability 3


After you hit Update, this is what is returned and visualised on the map. Dark blue is the colour of Availability in Nimbus – all ‘dots’ and Titles are clickable. Availability that we have linked to a Title turns the outline blue. If not site-matched to a Title, we use a postcode dot, again clickable.

Availability 4


When you click on a blue Title outline, the left-hand panel opens and all the information on that site is listed here. Scroll down to the Availability section to view particulars and then the outbound link…

Availability 5


…this link takes you to the agent’s site detailing Availability, including contact details of the agent.

Availability 5a


If you click on the Availability postcode ‘dot’, this dot aggregates all those not linked to a Title using their postcode and presents a schedule of sites, again with a clickable link to the agent’s website.

Availability 6


Next is to Export the Availability to an Excel document. Click on the Export icon far right to open the side panel. Next, click on the green Availability button to open a pop-up for entering postcode details. Add your postcode and click Export.

Availability screen shot


This is an example of an Availability export to Excel filtered on the agent’s name.

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