About Us

The Birth of Nimbus®

Two years ago, the team at sister company Assured Property Group were fed-up with how long-winded and complex a process was needed to source ownership details and high-quality intelligence for on- and off-market commercial and residential property deals.

Not just this, but to qualify a potential site meant having to organise data sets from a plethora of agencies: The Environment Agency, Land Registry, Companies House, VOA, Ordnance Survey, Royal Mail, to name a few. Collating all this output was time consuming and inefficient.

Nimbus® Maps was born to innovate this process; the need to have a single portal – a property intelligence nexus – that industry professionals could use to pre-qualify sites, save time and money, and drastically reduce abortive visits. Further still, a research and marketing tool that allows you to quickly and easily contact owners of off-market properties and land.

We started by collating and layering multiple data sets on top of each other, using the Land Registry title outlines to form site ‘polygons’ that over-laid onto the Google Maps interface. Clicking on a site polygon opens up a whole raft of detailed information to give the user an unparalleled view of every registered site in England and Wales. We also added Google’s Street View into the map pages so when researching a site, it’s owner, site size and a raft of additional metrics, you can virtually inspect a location all from the comfort of your desk, with a coffee in hand.

As it stands today, Nimbus® Maps is the most comprehensive and powerful property intelligence tool in the UK. However, with any technology, progress comes from continually adding more intelligent data sets to enrich the product even further. Planning. Availability. Financials. We are building Nimbus® Maps into the essential ‘property dating platform’ for the industry, whether Agent, Asset Manager, Developer, Lawyer, Investor or Property Company.

Nimbus® statement:

Nimbus® will become the leading authority in property intelligence for the industry, catalysed through Nimbus® Maps. How? We will deliver on our promise to be the best by solving the ever-growing challenges agents, developers and investors face in a practical, no-nonsense way. Our team will never rest in the pursuit for ever-more accurate data to perpetually deliver the essential information nexus for property professionals.

Meet the Team

The two founders started Nimbus® in June 2016, and it continues to grow on its journey as a market-leading property technology business.
  • Simon Davis

    Simon Davis



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  • Paul Davis

    Paul Davis



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  • Adam Scorey

    Adam Scorey

    Head of Marketing &
    Head of Customer Success


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  • Tom O'Reilly

    Tom O'Reilly

    Software Development Manager


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    Habeebah Khalifa

    Business Process Manager


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    Joe Johnson

    Account Manager


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    Bhupinder Jandu

    Account Manager


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  • Chris Mountford

    Chris Mountford

    Python Developer


  • Iain Fletcher

    Iain Fletcher

    Data Scientist


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  • Shanaka Perera

    Shanaka Perera

    Data Scientist/PhD


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