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Topographical Survey Service

Here at Nimbus Maps Bespoke, we are only interested in the exceptional. So when it came to creating topographical reports, we had to innovate.


We started with the biggest issue, speed. Normally they take 2-3 weeks and can cost in excess of £1000. Ours start at just £200 and take around 48-72 hours (sometimes less)... oh, and they are more accurate and we output a site plan, have height points in 5, 10 or 20m - though we measure to a single cm - we include contour lines and we deliver them in one of three formats.


We utilise LIDAR data produced by Airbus and soured from the Environment Agency to extract terrain model points across the entirety of England and Wales. This can be a granular as 5 meters apart, however most customers request 20 meters.

Data Sets

The two data sets that we use which allow us to provide this report and other reports alike are the LIDAR-sourced Digital Terrain Model and Digital Surface Model.

The Digital Terrain Model provides the height of the ground above sea-level at any requested site in England and Wales. The Digital Surface Model provides the height of any structure above sea-level (i.e. a building). The difference between these models means that we also have a granular means of measuring building height as far as 2 meters apart.

Topographical Surveys

Our topographical surveys provide the points at 5-20 meter distances apart with the height above sea-level being measured in centimetres. Each topographical survey can be consistently completed within 1 working day and has a MasterMap backdrop, providing an even better survey of an area.


  • Unprecedented speed (48-72 hours)
  • Accuracy
  • 10-meter surrounding bounding box meaning that you can see the topo. of neighbouring sites
  • Contour lines are made available
  • MasterMap backdrop


  • Site plan
  • Height points in: 5,10, or 20 meter grid - measured to a single centimetre
  • Contour lines - 1 metre apart
  • Each of these products can come in three formats:
    a. A survey (.jpg /.png /.pdf)
    b. A CAD file (.dwg)
    c. A GIS file (.shp)

What do we need from you?

The area identified can be of any size all for the same price and all we need from you is the title number.

Please call the Data Science Team on: 0330 088 3513

What does it cost?

To keep it simple, we have two prices, one for Nimbus Maps subscribers and one for non-subscribers. Should you require a quantity of surveys completing, we have a discounted pricing structure (see below the table).

Contact Nimbus Maps' Data Science Team