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Targeted property acquisition for business.

The first thing we can do with our bespoke Site Finding service is site finding, so really this works on the basis that if you’re doing a search in Nimbus® Maps in Leeds on a regular basis, you’re always in the market place for certain types of building, I’m always in the market for office buildings or five to 10,000 square feet because I want to go and convert those into flats and I want to do eight to 20 units, like apartment schemes. That’s my marketplace and I want to do that across anywhere in the south east.

That sort of search can be done for you through the Nimbus® Maps Site Finding services. The way that works is we sit and we talk through what your Site Finding need is, what is it you’re trying to target, sometimes that can be more challenging than others. Often, if you think on the basis that anything in the left hand side panel can be filtered against, but obviously if it’s not in the left hand side panel, it can still often be filtered against as well. We have various different ways in which we can add information to the platform. Have various different ways in which we can kind of interrogate things like boundaries and where things sit against other things and kind of build a query, as we call it, which allows you to pull out the sites that are relevant to what you’re after.

You may have tried the filter section on the Nimbus® Maps Elite platform, it’s really that, but on a much bigger scale and with complete control over what that filters might look like. That’s the first bit of that process. Firstly, it’s saying what are those assets I’m interested in. The second thing that comes off the back of that then is obviously I’m a willing purchaser, maybe, but actually how do I then find a willing seller in that deal, so I can buy that asset off them, if that’s my plan.The next thing we then offer is a letter campaigning service, so what we found, actually, is that the old snail mail still is the best way in which to start a contact with a particular owner. There are various neat tricks around how you get the best interaction with that. We’ll kind of talk through all of that if you decide you want to talk about this going forward. In essence, what you can then do is you can write a letter to them, we can typically write these letters in bulk, we can write those out to a price that typically is less than the cost of the envelope, the letter that goes on it and the stamp that sits on the front of the envelope. Actually, kind of that admin side of how do I send out 1000 letters, I gotta go out and get a team of administrators, stuffing envelopes and licking stamps, all these sort of stuff. All that can be done for you and as part of this service.

You have decision point of I’ve done my search, I’ve kind of taken the sites I think are relevant to what I’m interested in. At that point you can either review them yourself or say, “Well, actually, not sure whether these are, but these ones here are, and there’s my shortened list.” Or you can say, “Well, actually, my next thing I wanna do is go and find a wiling seller”. Within that, that letter campaigning comes in, and we can then offer a second service that goes on top of that, which says, well actually when you get that inbound inquiries saying, “You’ve written to me saying you’re interested in this particular site. I’m ready to have a chat to you about it”. We can offer a screening service whereby that phone call that comes in, we will ask some questions for you and get a pro-forma filled out for you as best as we can. Then we’ll send that through to you once we have got that lead, so your acquisitions team can go and understand that lead, work them through and understand more about the site(s) before they go and speak to the owner. Obviously, the first interaction you get with the cold lead, as far as you’re concerned, but also now are red hot because they’ve come to us and now are ready to sell. These are things that you’re kind of most interested in and obviously then you can take that tot next level of start trying to broker your deals from it.That’s typically the route that you would go down. The next step is to then book in a call with me (Paul Davis) so we can run through what your search might look like, whether you want a letter campaign, find out the size of the prize – the Excel spreadsheet of the properties that match what I am after. Typically that output shows you: title, title number, a link to Nimbus® Maps Elite, ownership details, any of the constraints we’ve filter against so you can really understand what has come out of that search. You can then do any letter campaigning, scope all that out as part of that phone call and give you an idea of what they might cost – some queries are easier than others so we can understand which bits of that are challenging, where the costs sit and where we can make some savings. As part of that conversation, we will work out exactly what you want and how best to get you that for the price you want to pay for it. From there, you just say “Yes!” and off we go!

It’s all very quick and very simple through Nimbus® Maps bespoke Site Finding services. Find out more about our new Site Finding service.

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