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New Planning Data Beta

A powerful new data set has been added to Nimbus Maps


Nimbus Property Technology’s Nimbus Maps, their cloud-based property intelligence tool, as part of its continual development plan, has once again been upgraded. Probably the most important data set so far – Planning – is now available in Nimbus Maps. Initially we are Beta testing the 39 Boroughs of London, but will shortly be rolling this out across England and Wales.

Located in the Filters section, simply click on the Display Planning option and then in the Date From option select the year you need to search from; the default date in 2011. Once selected the rest of your filter options, all sites with planning will be displayed as yellow polygons in the map.

Click on the yellow area and all the detailed planning information is in the right-hand panel. Clicking on a record in the right-hand panel takes you directly to the relevant council’s Planning portal in a new window.

The records will be updated daily so you can rest assured that you are getting the most up-to-date information.

Planning can be found in the Filters Section

By clicking on the Display Planning option, within the 39 boroughs of London you will now see a Planning section in the side bar with hyperlinks to the Councils' Planning portal.

New Yellow polygons show planning for sites

With the Planning option selected, and the date from when you want to search, the yellow polygons show you what sites for the area you have selected have had or do have planning applications. We update this data daily so you know you are getting the most accurate information.

Hyperlinks to Planning Portals

The links in the Side Panel under the Planning section will take you directly to the relevant council's planning portal for that particular record, which you can view and download.

Take a look at our video on how to use the new Planning Beta tool


If you have any questions about the new Planning data, please feel free to give the Nimbus Maps' Customer Care team on 0330 088 3513 or email us at Alternatively, use the contact box below.